Monday, January 30, 2012

More Updates

Hi to all my wonderful blogging friends! Still no phone or internet but I'm doing a quick post before I leave school. I know this is not school related, but I just had to share how wonderful God is. First let me set the stage with a few pictures of the way my yard looked after the tornado.

On Saturday morning my mother and I decided we'd get out and do as much as we could. We'd recruted family members who were available...but we knew we  wouldn't make a dent in removing debri from seven downed trees, which included hauling it to the curb so the city could pick it up.

But before we made it out or our back door, 15 volunteers from The Christian Service Mission met us in the yard. They are the kindest most generous group of people I've ever met, and my friends, this is what my yard looked like around 4:45 Saturday afternoon.

                              My nephew helping with the clean up :)

It was such a blessed filled day. God is good.  If you made it all the way to end thanks for hanging in there. I hope to post some classroom happinings later this week. Have a wonderful evening and a Terrific Tuesday!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Update: Alive, Blessed and Grateful

Update: Hey everybody! Just a quick update. My power was restored on Wednesday evening (yeah)...but no phone or internet service (boo)...yet. We are beginning the clean up, trying to get trees cut and hauled away. Thanks so much to all of you who left such sweet messages! You made my week! It's been hard getting back into the groove, but everyday gets a little better.

Thanks Hedi at Swamp Frogs for passing along the favorite follower award to me! She has a fantastic blog with lots of wonderful things to share. I hope to get back to posting soon. Everyone have a blessed and peaceful weekend!

Hi to all my blogging friends. As you know another round of tornadoes hit the state of Alabama early Monday morning. My neighborhood was one of the hardest hit. But God is good. I live on 1.5 acres, I have seven trees down in my yard...but none hit my home. All of my neighbors are safe and we are just praising God. I'm without power so I'm doing a quick post from school. So I am blessed,  and grateful.  It was a scary night, but I'm alive, and my family is safe.

Hopefully I'll be back soon with pictures and lots of good things to share.
Ms. A

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Snowmen Completed, Math Stations and If You’re Planning Ahead and Freebie Correction

We finished our snowmen on yesterday and the students did a fantastic job! I think they turned out great. The students got compliments all day long on their neat handwriting and superb cutting abilities. They make the hallway look so bright and cheery.

Click here if you’d like a copy of the writing paper we used. You can download the patterns here.

Math Stations This Week
Here’s a little of what we accomplished this week in math stations.
These students are completing Snowmen Fact Families

These students are playing Winter Wonderland on the Promethean Board. If you purchased this game did you know you can import it as a PDF into ActiveInspire…I’m pretty sure you could do the same thing with Smartboard software. I always create a flipchart game to go along with the regular paper game when I create these. It does double duty. The students are rolling three big dice and adding the numbers together.

Students sorted subtraction sentences at this station.
Adding three numbers
DSCN0133     DSCN0134

Making Combinations of Ten. This is the most popular station. I’m so glad because it means they’re getting lots of practice with that all important benchmark number of ten.

Start With Get To: This has also helped my strugglers. Their ability to count from any number has improved so much.

Planning Ahead
If you’re like me and are already trying to come up with Valentine’s Day math and literacy activities then check out my newly uploaded Cupid’s Sweet Treats Math and Literacy Kit. Finally a math and literacy kit together, and I’m not pooped!

If you downloaded the freebie..there were a few typos, so please download again. Thanks Hadar!

Now, you know I wouldn’t be Ms.A if I didn’t have a freebie for you. Click on the picture to download your copy of  Take My Heart: Add Three Numbers. If ya download I’d love some feedback.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Love to Joplin Linky Party

I’m joining in on Mrs. Wills Love to Joplin Linky  Party!

Head on on to Mrs. Wills blog to find out how you can help. Thanks so much Mrs. Wills for taking the time to organize this linky party. What a great way to end the week.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Beginnings…Snowman Style

This week we’ve been working on descriptive writing. I decided to pair snowmen and writing this week. First, we cut out our snowman pieces (this took forever). We finished them up today and tomorrow we’ll complete our descriptive writing about our snowman. This is how the outside of my room looks. It was a nice activity because we took TkinkLink today and the students didn’t get to go to p.e…so you can imagine how the afternoon went.

Here are a few close ups.
DSCN0147         DSCN0148
DSCN0151        DSCN0153
If you’d like the patterns click here. I had a ton of scrapbook paper so I  cut it down to regular paper size and whipped it through the copy machine. I also copied the pieces onto construction paper. The boys got the top hats and the girls got the caps. Hopefully I’ll post the completed pictures on tomorrow along with the writing paper we used.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Snow-Tastic Winners and a Consolation Prize

I know I said there’d be two winners for my Snow-Tastic Winter Fun Kit...but I decided to expand the giveaway and randomly selected  four wonderful blogging friends to take the prize!


Ladies check your e-mail.

If you didn’t win,  don’t despair. Help yourself to another freebie. Try out my Frosty Penguin Phrases game. Have a Great Weekend!

Click on the picture to download.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Snow-Tastic Winter Fun and a Giveaway!

Hey! Happy Friday Eve. Even though it’s been a short week…it’s been a long three days. Does anyone else ever feel that way?

Well, I had so much fun creating my Fa La La La La Christmas Literacy Kit that I decided to create my  Snow-Tastic Winter Fun Math Kit. We started using the activities on Wednesday and my students went crrrr-aaaaa-zy!   Man, I give huge props to those teachers who can create math and literacy kits together. I forgot how much time it takes to create and do it right…I’m pooped!

I’ve uploaded my kit to TpT but I would love to give it away to two lucky people. All you have to do is leave your name and e-mail…that’s it. You have from now until Saturday around 6pm CST.  I’ll announce the winners on Saturday Evening.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

So Blessed!!!

I know it’s not in good blog etiquette to do two posts in one day but can I just say I’m a part of the most wonderful educational blogging community ever!!!

I was venting…click here to read that post…and I asked someone..anyone, to feel sorry for me and follow me on TpT because my number was hovering around 666…I know it’s just a number but’s my least favorite one. Anyway within 20 minutes my followers have gone up by 11! Thanks to you eleven wonderful people and my other 666 beautiful followers!!! Thanks in advance to those of you who will read my aforementioned post and follow me.

This made me feel so good…see how little it takes to make me happy…that I sat down (after I cooled my jets a bit) right then and made this freebie especially for you my wonderful blogging friends. Enjoy!!


                                   Click the picture to download your copy

Name Change and Update


Hi to all! Today was my first day was a professional development/work day. But I didn’t get much work done. I was in meeting after meeting after meeting after meeting. Argh!!!

Anywhoo the purpose of this post is to let you know that I’ve tweaked a few things in my Winter “Formally Known As Arctic” Animals Unit. Intellectually I knew penguins didn’t inhabit the Arctic regions…but I hadn’t realized  I hadn’t changed it in my TpT unit. )

Those of you who have purchased my unit, you may want to sign in and re-download the updated (slightly) unit.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

I just wanted to take a minute to wish all of my wonderful blogging friends a blessed and wonderful new year. To all of you who have purchased from me, left wonderful, kind, funny comments and such inspirational e-mails, I say a heartfelt THANK YOU!!

May the year ahead be filled with lots of love, laughter, inspiration, fun and peace.