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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sight Word Concentration and Other Stir Crazy Things

Making Word Walls Work: A Complete, Systematic Guide With Routines, Grade-Perfect Word Lists, and Reproducible Word Cards to Help All Children Master High-Frequency Words


Okay so all the snow days this week  gave me a chance to do something I’ve been trying to do since school started.

I love the book Making Word Walls Work. Judy Lynch was a Reading Recovery teacher (have to support my peeps) and I use this book everyday for my word wall routines. One of the activities she has is Word Wall Concentration. You pick 6-8 word wall words (that would be 12-16 words total) and place them in a matrix in your pocket chart. Then you cover the words with number cards in order 1-12 or 1-16(depending on how many words you use).

*This should be done before students enter your room, you don’t want them to see where you put the words. Then students call two numbers and you uncover the words. If it’s match then the class can cheer, if not you keep calling on students to give two numbers they want uncovered. My kids love this game, they ask to play this all the time. Sometimes they'll choose it on Fridays Work on Words and play with a partner. It’s a good review, it's fun and it helps my strugglers. I hope the directions are clear, if not e-mail me.

Anyway, I said all that to say I usually just write the words and the number cards on index cards or squares of construction paper. But a while back I decided I wanted them to be more appealing to my students…so my plan was to make sets for all the Fry words and all the words in our reading (Reading Street) series. So last night I started creating. They have ocean animals because that’s my classroom d├ęcor this year. But I felt like they were generic enough to be used anytime. Hope you can use them. Let me know what you think.


                        Set 1


                         Set 2



                          Set 3



                     Set 4


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Skip Counting: Math Activities

These are quick and easy activities for math time. Sometimes we use them whole group or sometimes I'll assign a small group to complete the activity during math stations.

Beach Bum Count by Fives

For some reason on the last three documents you can't see the numbers on the screen...but when you download the activity all the numbers do show up. CRAZY!!!

Count to Twenty Mini Crab

Dinosaur Skip Count

Ladybug Skip Counting