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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Catching Up..A Long Post


It’s been a busy week and past weekend! I can’t believe October is almost over! I didn’t get to all the things I wanted to…so owls, bats and spiders will be pushed to November. But here are a few things we’ve done this week and the previous week.

Pumpkin Life Cycle Writing

IMG_3067  IMG_3065

We created torn paper pumpkins and then wrote about how a pumpkin seed grows into a pumpkin. The students had a ball tearing paper for their pumpkins.


Click on the picture below if you’d like the writing paper we used.


The following ideas come right from Mrs. Carroll at The First Grade Parade. Thanks for the inspiration!

Today we described the outside of our pumpkin and completed descriptive sentences. Tomorrow we will cut open our class pumpkin and describe the inside.



Click here for your copy.



Yesterday we read I Where’s  My Mummy and completed our mummy activity! Mrs. Carroll again!


DSCN0028    DSCN0029

Last week during Work on Writing the students completed a Pumpkin Fact paper.



Click on the picture for your copy.



Math Stations this week:

Completing Hallo-weeny Number Order



These students are completing Start With Get To. This really helps with counting from any number.




These students are completing Hallo-Weeny Number Order on the Promethean board.


Spider Spider on the Promethean board.


Shake Those Beans for Ten


Completing our  Hop Along Halloween Frog skip counting (by 5s) activity.


Cows in the Barn for Eight.


Two weeks ago our Reading Street story was Get the Egg and last week was The Animal Park. Here are the writing sheets my students had to complete during work on writing.

STL_3044  STM_3045




Told you it was a long post. I hope you can find things you can use…I have tons more freebies so I’ll return on Thursday. Have a great day tomorrow!


  1. WOW WOW WOW! Thanks for all the freebies. I just adore all of your stuff!

  2. Thanks a bunch for the pumpkin freebies. We are not allowed to do anything Halloween-themed at our school so I wanted to do some Pumpkin activities on Friday!

  3. Hi I just found your blog through pinterest and I am glad that I did. I saw a photo of your vowel pockets on pinterest and came over to check it out but I can seem to find the post can you direct me to it? Thanks

    PS. I am a new follower!

    Pocket Full of Kinders

  4. Hi Ms. Patterson! Here's the link to the vowel pockets and cards:
    Thanks for following!
    Ms. A

  5. Such cute activities! Excellent! Love your blog and am following you now.
    Have a happy day!
    Colleen :)

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all your creations. I follow you on facebook! I tried to download the First, Next.. Pumpkin sequence but when I click on the picture it just takes me to a login for Google Docs. HELP!! Thanks for Sharing!!!!

  7. Your stuff is AMAZING! THank you so much for all the sharing you do. I am curious as to where you can get the mini pocket chart stand-ups that are in your pictures????

  8. Love all the pumpkin stuff. My kids really respond to these fun learning activities. I definitely printed out some for my file next year.

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