Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blog Land Inspiration

There are so many wonderful blogs out there, and ideas are so abundant. Well, I love, love, love Mrs. Lee’s Kindergarten. I can always find an idea on her blog to adapt, adjust and use with my first graders. Her mitten activities got the creative wheels turning.

We have money and place value coming up and we’re still talking about Winter (thanks in part to the snow days that kept us behind), so here’s some of what we will do for math stations for the next couple of weeks.

The directions for the first download are: The students pick a mitten and write the two digit number on their recording sheet. They have to color their mitten to match the mitten they choose. I printed the mittens on colored card stock, but colored paper will work just as well.  Click on the picture to download.


Click here for the recording sheet


In this activity the students pick a mitten(after I cut them out) and write the correct amount onto their recording sheet. Click on the picture to download.



Last Week

Here’s  a little of what we did last week.

Mitten descriptive writing

STA_2405           STD_2408

STE_2409       STB_2406

Writing about polar bears


STA_2404   STA_2401


STB_2402     STC_2403



100th Day Projects


IMG_2418       IMG_2428

IMG_2426      IMG_2423

IMG_2416     IMG_2425



Snowman Read the Room

The students had fun reading and writing the room. These are from my Snowman Read the Room Kit. I forgot to take pictures of some of their completed recording sheets.

STC_2398        STA_2396



This week the students will read and write the room for er, ir and ur words. This is from my Clowning Around Read the Room Kit.

image    image


Phonemic Awareness


Some of my students are still struggling with vowels, and don’t get me started on the long sounds and reading words with two vowels. So I decided to take a step back and I made this PA game. I plan to use it with whole and small groups. This is the short vowel version. I plan to upload the long vowel version sometime this week.

Everyone will have their own whiteboard and marker. I’ll call on students one by one, read the word on the candy aloud to them while the other students write the word on their whiteboards. The student whose turn it is will have to listen for the correct vowel and drop the candy into the appropriate bag.

 Click on either picture to download.IMG_2437



Valentines Day

Here is a Valentines Day game I made for math stations. The students pick a heart and make addition or subtraction sentences for two numbers. For example if the heart has 3 in the middle and 7, 5 and 2 around they can write 3+7, 3+5, 3+2 or 7-3, 5-3 or 3-2. There is a recording sheet to go with this activity. I plan to make it into a shape book and add two or three pages.


Addition and subtraction Hearts

Have a great week!

Ms. A


  1. LOOOVE the mitten game! We just started place value last week, so I am pumped to use it in my classroom. As always, thanks for sharing.


  2. Your mitten ideas come at a perfect time. We are also doing place value - counting tens and ones and just started counting coins! Thanks! Love the descriptive writings too!

  3. I love your vowel sorting game!! This is definitely going in my word work center!! Thanks for sharing!!

    [2nd grade blog]

  4. Thanks so much for sharing. I love your ideas!

  5. Thanks for sharing these! I can't wait to get to school in the AM and laminate them to put in centers. Wait, did I just say that? :-)

  6. Thanks for the shout out!! Those place value mittens are awesome. I will be sharing them with my sister! Julie Lee

  7. I love your short vowel game! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful ideas!! Your blog is inspiring and such a blessing. Bravo!!


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