Monday, February 21, 2011

More Piggy Banks

A fellow teacher e-mailed me and reminded me that I’d promised to post Dime and Quarter Piggy Bank. Click here for game directions and to remind yourself if you forgot like I did…anyway, here they are. I also posted a combination dice using pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters along with a number dice and a dice with just quarters.


Dime Piggy Bank-using pennies-nickels and dimes -



Quarter Piggy Bank-using pennies-nickels and dimes-helper mat -


Combo dice



Quarter Dice -


  1. I would like to bottle your creativity and sprinkle a little on my toes. It starts in my toes and it wiggles me nose... SMILES :)

    Cheryl from Mrs Saouds Class

  2. Thank you Mrs. Saouds!
    Sending sprinkles your way :)

  3. Just found your website and thank you for all of the awesome math printables!!! But I'm not sure how to download or print these. Everytime a try it takes me to a place where they want me to sign up for a membership. Please advise if you have a chance what I am doing wrong:((
    2nd Grade Florida

  4. Carolee email me and I'll send you the Piggy Money Games.

  5. I have been following for a little while and am AMAZED at all you do! I wish I was just 1& as creative as you!!

    I am having trouble downloading the files as well. Is there a trick?

    Thanks for sharing,
    1st Grade CA

  6. Also want to leave a huge THANKS for all your awesome MWS downloads. You're an inspiration!!!

  7. I am loving your blog and your wonderful downloads. I am going back and seeing all the wonderful things you have posted.

    I too an having problems downloading the docstoc stuff. Was there a trick to it?

    1st Grade in MD

  8. Would it be possible to email me the piggy bank games you posted on docstoc. I don't have a membership and so am unable to download them. Thanks so much!

  9. I there! I love your math games but can't open the ones in docstoc without buying a subscription. Is it possible to email them to me?


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