Monday, November 8, 2010

Math Time

Seeing how other teachers structured their math time inspired me to post this blog about math in my classroom. When the students first walk into the classroom they have to answer the question of the day. I got the kit from Lakeshore. The students place their pictures up, then we discuss the results during calendar.


After they answer the question of the day the students then complete the story problem of the day. I use address labels. I like them because they are easy. I can usually get three days on each sheet of labels.



After the students get started with the problem of the day, the survey person (a weekly job) goes around and asks the survey question of the day. I like this because it gives the students time each week to think mathematically about the results of our daily survey. I got the idea from Kim Adsit. Her e-book had questions monthly but I needed daily questions, and decided to make up some of my own. Thanks for the inspiration Ms. Adsit!

Each Monday the students answer the graph question of the week. We do lots of activities with the weekly graph. All the work we do with the graphs are placed in the students Weekly Graph Journal. On Monday they answer the graph question. On Tuesday they reproduce the results of the graph in their Graph Journals. On Wednesday they write a few sentences about what they observe about the results. Then they have to write two addition sentences (later we will add subtraction sentences). On Thursday they have to write a story problem using the graph. Ex. Ten people like red apples. Two people like green apples. How many in all?

Weekly Graph Journal




After the students complete the problem of the day, they look on the math game board to find out which game they will play. Sometimes it’s free choice, sometimes it’s flashcards. This provides good practice for addition and subtraction facts. At the beginning of the year I asked all students to bring in a set of addition or subtraction flash cards. They do triple duty as both partner practice, whole class math games (boys against the girls) and math games.



This is a picture of our Math Buzz book. I like doing math in the morning, because the students are alert and ready to work. We work with the buzz book during our morning meeting. I usually read some type of math trade book that goes along with whatever we are working on during our math unit.



This morning we wrote subtraction story problems. After writing them the students had to illustrate a picture to go along with their story.









Sometimes we complete math projects. This past Friday the students completed a count by tens chart.







Have a great week!

Ms. Arnold


  1. I love your math ideas! Do you have a copy of the graph survey paper that you use that you could send to me? I would love to create a monthly graphing booklet for my students. Thanks and have a great day!
    cgallagher4 AT comcast DOT net

  2. Cynthia would you like the surveys I've created or the Graphing Journal booklet. I can e-mail both by the end of the weekend :)

  3. That would be fabulous to receive both.

  4. I would love to receive both also, if you don't mind sharing. These ideas are marvelous. Send to, please.

    Thanks for all your work.

  5. I would love a copy of both too! They rock!


  6. You have an awesome blog. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful ideas. I would love a copy of the Graphing Journal and the survey. These ideas are great. Send to

  7. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas!

  8. Can you also e-mail these things to me? You share such wonderful things! Thank you so much! :)

  9. I guess I should have specified- I would love to have a copy of some of the weekly graphs you use! :) Thanks!

  10. What a great find this blog is! Would you mind sending me a copy of your weekly graphs also? Thanks:-)

  11. Hi,

    Could you also send both to me. I really appreciate it.


  12. What a wonderful blog! I love your ideas. If you wouldn't mind sharing would you email them to me? My email is


  13. I would also love to get both of these as well:) You absolutely rock!!! What a blessing you are:)


  14. Your blog is AWESOME! I'm on spring break and I've spent the afternoon on it. Would you mind sharing your weekly graphing materials that aren't linked here.

    Also, could I get a copy of the subtraction story problem template and the count by 10's fish?

    If these were on here, I overlooked.


  15. I love your blog!! I have so many great things to use in my classroom. Would you mind sending me your weekly graphing materials? Thanks so much:)

  16. Hi! I was hoping to get a copy your weekly graphing materails as well!! I LOVE this! I spend WAY too much time one your blog but I just can't stop! :) Thank you for sharing all of your amazing ideas!!!!

  17. I love all your Math Station ideas. I just ran across your website and I will be visiting it often. My school will be starting Math Stations next year and thanks to your wonderful site you have helped me out so much. I was wondering if you might send me a copy of the following: problem of the day, weekly graph journal topic,stubtration and addition story problems and math projects. Thank you so much, thanks to all your wonderful ideas I can go ahead and get my math stations started.
    Miranda Edwards

  18. Thank you for sharing your great ideas. I am a 1st year teacher and have been struggling to find great math work station ideas. If you are willing to share could you please send me your weekly graphing materials also. Your ideas are wonderful!

  19. This is Day 3 of devouring you blog to grab all of the SUPER FABULOUS materials you share. Is it possible for you to email me a copy of your weekly graphing materils? I would LOVE to change my morning routine to something meaningful and exciting:) Thank you!

  20. I LOVE your blog and all of the wisdom that you post here. This is my fisrt year teaching 1st grade and I have learned so much from you! I have been doing Math in the morning this year and I love it. I would love for them to start this process the second they walk in the door. If I am not asking too much could you email me your problem of the day and survey of the day also I love the little paper you made up for subtraction story problems. I hope I am not asking too much I know you have put a TON of work into all of this but I would greatly appreciate it if you could email those things to me. You should totally put them on your TPT store!

  21. This is a great blog!! You have such great ideas! I was wondering if I could get a copy of the subtraction story problem template? Thanks!!

    Thanks!! :)

  22. Does the math journal prompt go with the question of the day?

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