Monday, December 13, 2010

Three Little Pigs Literature Study Pt.2

This past week we finished up our literature study of Three Three Little Pigs. On Monday the weekly graph was “Which Three Little Pig Story Was Your Favorite Last Week?” Below is a picture of our graph results.



Here is our finished story element chart on some of the books we read during our study.




How to Trick a Wolf

As a writing/art activity we completed a Cut and Create pig and the students wrote about how they would trick the wolf in the story.




IMG_2156           IMG_2157

IMG_2158           IMG_2159


Vegetable Soup

During math time the students played Three Little Pigs Vegetable Soup”. They rolled two dice together, added the numbers then collected the ingredient to go into their soup. The winner is the first person to collect all their ingredients. I’ve seen this idea on many blogs and created one to accompany our lit study. I forgot to take pictures of the kids playing it.

IMG_2100          IMG_2099 


Click here for a copy of Vegetable Soup


We had a great time with this study. It really helped the students comprehension. I think I’ll incorporate more literature studies in the coming year, along with the non-fiction units of study I have planned.

Have a great week!


  1. Thanks Ms. Arnold! Your resources and ideas are great!

  2. Ms. A,

    Just found you blog a couple of days ago and I absolutely love, love, love it. Would love to have a copy of the clipart you used for the children's faces that you use in your graphing. Is it posted somewhere on here? or could you send it to me?

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful, creative ideas.

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