Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Stations

Our class celebrated Halloween on Thursday. We were out today for a Fall Break. We had several stations set up around the room. This group is playing Fall Fun Bingo. They are using candy corn as playing pieces.
These students are writing Jack-o-Lantern stories. I found kits at Hobby Lobby. The students enjoyed assembling them. Their writing turned out great.
My aunt is in Clown College, and this year she came by to do face painting with my students. They had a ball!

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Writing

Halloween House

A few weeks ago I found Halloween and Fall Sticker sets at Hobby Lobby. My students love writing with stickers. During writing workshop I took a group of students each day and we completed a writing frame about a black cat and a Halloween House. I think they came out really good.


Here are the Fall Sticker stories. I pulled a few students each day for a guided writing activity. Below the Fall stories are our Cut and Create Acorns.



Saturday, October 23, 2010


Halloween Math Games

I went to Dollar General and had a blast creating these math games in a sack. If you are interested in the downloads for these games head over to my Shudderfly web page:

Close up of the math game page

Students toss spiders and write the addition sentence for how many are on the web and off the web. You can use any number you'd like. We are learning facts from 12 to18. This game uses twelve spiders.

The Halloween treat bags were $1.00 at Dollar General.

This web cost $1.00 at Dollar General.

Pumpkin Graphs

This is a picture of our pumpkin graph unit. Our course of study states that students should know how to read pie, bar, tally and picture graphs. I decided to create a mini unit to incorporate all the different types of graphs we are responsible for teaching.

Close up of our class pie graph.

Bar graph results.

Tally graph.

Tally Graph close up

Picture graph results

Picture graph close up