Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sight Words



I just uploaded a new sight word game to TpT. This will make a great addition to your word work activities.  Head on over to my store front and check it out.

The first five people who leave a comment telling me the different things you do with sight words in your classroom will win this kit! Don’t forget to leave your e-mail address in the post.

Tomorrow I hope to post our Valentine’s Day Math and Literacy Activities.



  1. I tape sight words on the floor and have the kiddos jump on the words as they learn them. :)

    Ms. Morgart

  2. I love to play BOOM! I write the sight words or BOOM on craft sticks and place them face down in a bucket. The kids draw out a stick. If it has a word on it, they read the word and get to keep the stick. If it says BOOM, they have to put all of their sticks back.

    The kids are always requesting this game for center time, and even for indoor recess!

    Ms. A

  3. I hide a small sticker sheet behind 2 of our daily sight words and we pick a few kids to guess what word it is behind if they can tell me the word they get the stickers. the idea came from teacher

  4. I have my kids spell sight words with all kinds of things. One of my favorites is spelling them with foam dough and play dough. The kids also use letter beads, pipe cleaners, magnet letters, and mini abc pasta to spell words. Another thing I do is put letter beads into tiny bottles with glitter. The kids have to figure out what word is in the "Mixed up bottle."

    -Stephanie :)

    I have pictures of some of this on my blog-


  5. oops forgot my email

  6. We play war with our sight word cards. My students pair up to see who will be the first one to get all of the cards between the two. We also play around the world with them daily. We say them, use them in a sentences, find rhyming words, etc. Thanks for having such a cute blog, too!


  7. We do word wall cheers and pick out a different cheer card each day! We also play lots of games such as memory!

    Love your stuff!!

  8. Too late! I love to sing the sight word. I made up all the songs.

  9. My students love to use letter unifix cubes to make our words for the week- then they get to take a photo of their hard work :)


  10. We play Sparkle and "Super Speller" and bingo and we chant... I know I'm not in the first 5, but just in case!

  11. Any sight word game my RTI group loves to end our time with. I can tell they are actually learning their sight words everytime we play a game or flashcard or the words flashing up on a powerpoint. I love these cards!! Perfect for the Daytona 500 and kicking off the racing season! Thanks!

  12. Oh, I wish I knew when you write on your blog!!!! This way I would have won! I use sight words for everything: getting in line, coming into the classroom, transitions, etc!!!!

  13. Christy Hicks - I play BANG! where the kids pull the sight words out of a bucket and read the word. If they pull out BANG! they lose all their cards. My kids LOVE it!

  14. HI, Thanks so much for all of your sharing. My students are learning doubles. I tried to print your doubles games/mats. The pictures came out but the directions at the top did not. I downloaded them in Google docs. Do I need to do something to make them download in PDF with the directions at the top?


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