Thursday, March 17, 2011


A second-grader writes in his journal.

Students looking upwards.     Mr. Sinnett sitting and talking with his students.

Have you ever heard of Learner.Org? About six years ago I discovered this wonderful website full of excellent videos… all free, all you have to do is register and set up a user name and password in order to watch . I especially love the following:

Teaching Reading: K-2 Workshop

Teaching Reading K-2: A Library of Classroom Practices

Teaching Math: A Video Library K-4

Mathematics: What’s the Big Idea

The following are for 3-5 grades…but when I watch them I can find ideas to tweak for my first graders.

Engaging with Literature: A Video Library 3-5

Engaging with Literature: A Workshop for Teachers 3-5

Inside Writing Communities 3-5

Teaching Reading 3-5 Workshop

If you get the chance you should definitely check them out. It’s like having your own professional library at your fingertips.

During the summer I always block out a week or two to re-watch and get a fresh perspective for a new year. Let me know what you think.


  1. We had to watch some of the videos from that site for an online class I took. They are very well done. Thanks for reminding me about this site - I meant to go back and watch some more videos.

  2. Thank you for this resource!

    Here's a free resource for you...reading comprehension strategies posters. :)

    First Grade Factory

  3. I am SO glad others have found! The K-2 literacy series with Mr. Sinnet is WONDERFUL! I've watched each video at least twice for professional development. This site also helped me tremendously with my National Board Certification - the segment was on Science as Inquiry. WOW -a true asset to anyone looking to better their teaching methods.

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