Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Math Stations

Here is a little snippet of what we are doing this week in math stations.

Station One: Promethean Board Fishing for Addition.

In this station the students grabbed fish for each side of the equation, then completed their addition sentence.IMG_2602


Click on the picture below for the recording sheet.



Station Two:Odd and Even Ladybugs.

Last week we worked on this flipchart. The students had to drag ladybugs onto the odd or even mat. Then decide if the number was odd or even. So, today they had to roll a 12-sided die and a six sided die then add the numbers together. After that, they had to draw ladybugs onto their mats, then tell if the number was odd or even.






Click on the picture for the Ladybug booklet



Station Three: Chick Addition and Subtraction


IMG_2603I used those cute little chick containers from The Dollar Tree. I put a pair of quiet(foam) dice inside. The students had to shake the chick. First they had to add the two numbers, then they had to subtract the two numbers.

Click on the picture for the recording sheet.


Station Four: Rainbow Addition and Subtraction

Click on the picture for the link to yesterday’s post.


image   image

Enjoy the rest of your week!


  1. Looks like great, hand-on fun! I wish I had a smart board of some type. You are so fortunate!!

    First Grade Factory

  2. I love your post! I'm always looking for ways to reinforce math skills! Your stations make learning fun this week! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for the great ideas! I am always looking for more ideas in order to teach math. I saw that you were teaching even and odd numbers. Teacher Tipster had an idea that I thought was really great for teaching this concept. Get some big slip on shoes (children can slip these on over their own shoes) write on the toe of each shoe (even, odd) Children can take a step starting with their right foot- odd (1) even (2) etc.

    Hope this makes sense-


  4. I so wish I had a smart board! It would be fun to have that technology in my classroom. Maybe someday:) I bet your students just LOVE coming to school and doing so many fun things.

  5. I have a prijector right now, but found out yesterday I will be getting a promethean board in May! I am pretty excited about this. I love your stuff you are creating. Are you going to post on Promethean Planet? I would love to shae ideas. I have a cute calendar math template and some character stuff too.

  6. Girlfriend you have one busy lady this week! You are awesome. Do you know if promethean prjects will work on a smartboard?

  7. I'm not sure...I am able to download some things from Smart Exchange and after some tweaking I can use it with my ActivInspire software??? So maybe the reverse would work??

  8. Those chicks are so cute. Living in Australia, I didn;t think I would find anything like that here.
    Imagine my absolute surprise and delight when I just happen to go into a $2 shop tonight and saw one lonely pack of those chicks on the shelf! I grabbed them straight away! Will have to try and see if I can find some more elsewhere. BTW, $2 shops is our Aussie for your Dollar Tree shops. There are/were a chain of shops called $2 shops and the term has become generic in my part of the country for all such shops.


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