Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tippy Toe Chick Go


Tippy-Toe Chick, Go!

Forgive the lateness…but it’s been a week Smile Here is the literacy packet I used with Tippy Toe Chick Go. Every year this turns out to be a favorite among my students. I will try my best to get the word work posted by the tomorrow.


Tippy Toe Chick Go Pack


  1. Can you help me with this one too?
    My student's LOVE to do these packets.

    Appreciate email is

    docstoc is being wierd.

  2. Thanks for your wonderful word work and story packets! My kids really enjoy them!:)

  3. My students and I have enjoyed your packets. Could you please send me a copy at Thanks a million!!!

  4. Could you please email me your Tippy Toe packet too? My kids LOVE your packets and gain SO much from them! My address is Thanks so much!!!

  5. Can you email me this document too? Thanks a bunch! DocStoc won't let me download or print.

    repete_21 at yahoo dot com

  6. Would love a copy of your Tippy Toe packet if it's not too much trouble. I can't seem to download or print it.

    Thank you!
    Melissa Fisher

  7. Thank you for the packet!! I really look forward to using it!!
    Terri Petersen

  8. We are reading this story this coming week... would I be able to get a copy of your packet? I appreciate your help and willingness to share.

  9. Looking for some new ideas to use with Tippy Toe this week - and found your page. The document link takes me to a weird site...not the link to your document. Is it still available?


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