Saturday, August 6, 2011

Top Ten Reasons You Know It’s Back to School Time

Mrs. Tunstall over at Tunstall’s Teaching Tidbits is having a link party about the Top Ten Reasons You Know It’s Back to School Time. Love her blog BTW!
Here are my Top Ten:
10. I started practicing slowly counting to five before responding to any question I’ll hear repeated fifty-thousand times.

9. Started upping my daily dose of vitamin c…you know to ward off the sneeze monster and the coughing dragon.

8.My purse is filled with receipts from K-Mart, Target, Wal-Mart, Dollar Tree and Dollar General.  I have enough paper kindling to start a small barbecue grill.

7. The collection of professional books stacked next to my bed is growing by leaps and bounds.

6. Practiced creating a “Quiet Bubble” to use during lunch   Scarf Down Your Food in Fifteen Minutes Flat While Still Maintaining Order Time.”

5. There are Band-Aids on all ten of my fingers from hot glue, paper cuts, and staples.

4. Creating inspirational gospel music playlists on my I-Pod for the drive into work. Mary Mary is in heavy rotation.

3. I’m doing all tasks standing up…to get my legs back into shape.

2. I’ve asked friends and family to stand next to me and poke me over and over and over and over while calling my name.

1. For the past two weeks I’ve set my alarm for 6am instead of 8am….getting my body, mind and soul back into the early rising routine.

There’s my list! Click Here to add your link to Tunstall’s Tidbits!


  1. ha ha ha ha!!!! you are SO awesome!

  2. Love it!!! Sounds like me:) School begins bright and early Monday morning in my district.

  3. You are so funny! I have two band-aids on my right hand EVEN as I speak. Those darn laminated paper cuts are WICKED!

    Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

  4. You made me chortle out loud and clap my hand over my mouth to keep from waking my fiancee twice! I definitely identify with the bandaid fingers and being poked over and over and over while having your name called. (I can't bare to start setting my alarm earlier again!)

  5. I love that! Especially number 2!It is so true. Number one is true as well, but so sad. Sleeping late is a wonderful thing. I love your blog. Hope you have a super school year!

  6. It always amazes me what teachers go through to get ready for the year! Wow! I never would have thought!

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  8. I love number two as well...very true! :)

  9. I always know it's back to school time when I move my bags of school supplies from my car trunk to the linen closet, to the basement, and back to my car trunk until I finally get them into school before my husband finds them!

  10. I can really relate to #2. I make a point of telling the kids that I won't talk to anyone who walks up to me unless I'm sitting down. If I'm standing I'll make a dramatic point of walking away from the pokers. The kids get a kick out of seeing me fleeing from a stalker/poker.

    P.S. You have a tremendous amount of resources on your site. Keep up the great work.

  11. 7. The collection of professional books stacked next to my bed is growing by leaps and bounds.

    Same here! Although I've only read one (Math Work Stations). I put down Guided Math:... to read Math Work Stations. Now I'm finishing that. I still have CAFE and Daily 5.

  12. You cracked me up- esp #1 and #2. My head spins around 8 times when a student pokes me :) I don't know why that bothers me so much!

    Queen of the First Grade Jungle

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