Saturday, February 25, 2012

Permission Granted

You better read the fine print girlie! Check out Laura’s post on Pinterest. You learn something new everyday. You have my permission to pin from my blog…so have yourself a good ol time pinning away!
I just finished viewing Mel D’s presentation in the Everything’s Primary Blog Expo….so good…be sure to check her out. I’m viewing the other wonderful ladies tomorrow. Can’t wait!
I’m so sad I missed the Bama Bloggers Meet Up…boo. But my insurance adjuster finally surveyed my property…annnnnnnnnnnnd tons more volunteers showed up today to cut up more trees…yeah!  I love the scent of pine…from all nine of the trees that have been laying across my yard in various forms…but this is getting ridiculous. Kidding.

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  1. We hated that you missed it, too...maybe next time!! Glad your adjuster made it out!!

    First Grade Blue SKies


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