Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Week in Review and Lakeshore Update

Happy Sunday! Finally I have  pictures of some the things we’ve been doing in our classroom. But first let me tell you about this little baby.

Lakeshore Learning gave me the opportunity to test out Phonemic Awareness Plinko. We were all set to play this game on last Friday but we had a Back to School Pep Rally. That pretty much squashed our Fun Friday, but my students were troopers and patiently waited until Fun Friday this week. They loved it! I think this will make many reappearances for Fun Friday.

UPDATE: And if you stop by Lakeshore you can take advantage of their special offer of up to $15 off your purchase. Click on the link below to take advantage. I’m really loving their interactive white board software. I bought the Word Building one and my students love it!

Word Building Fun Factory Interactive Game

Enjoy up to $15 off your purchase from Lakeshore:

Math: For the past two weeks we’ve been developing number sense for all things five and six. I’m talking true number sense. I’ve noticed that my students can figure out 3+2, but if I say tell me all the ways we can make five using two numbers…at first it was like crickets. But we’ve immersed ourselves in these two numbers this week and it’s beginning to sink in. I can especially tell during Number Talks. For more on that post you can click here.

Here’s this week in math in pictures and a few words.

We completed our One Duck Stuck activity. The concept of plus one is a tough concept for some of my students. This week we’ll begin with some lessons from Mastering the Basic Math Facts and I’m pretty sure this will help my students who are struggling with this.

IMG_3340     STA_3341

STB_3342     STC_3343

STD_3344     STE_3345

STF_3346     STG_3347



Story Problems for Six: About two summers ago I bought these cute foam stickers at Target’s Dollar Spot. They worked out perfectly with our story problems for six.

STR_3358          STS_3359

STT_3360      STU_3361

STV_3362     STW_3363

STX_3364     STY_3365

Ways to Make Six

STO_3355    STP_3356



Weekly Morning Math Games:

Each morning after my students complete their daily story problem they can play a free choice math game or read. Well you know how you have those wonderful students who always play the same math game every. single. day.

They fear branching out so I had to come up with a plan of action which would make sure my students played all the great math games I had to offer. I created a weekly prescription of sorts.


My students will get one of these on their desks each Monday morning. I’ve listed their medications for free choice math games. They have to play all of the games listed on their scrip pad by Friday. If there is a recording sheet, they turn that into our morning math games basket, or sometimes they may have to turn in the game sheet itself.

Now I can breathe easier knowing that they get to experience everything. Click on the pic below to grab your free copy. I make these on both sides of the page. When they flip it over that have their games for the next week. I have no idea how to make my PDF editable…so you’ll have to write in your game titles.


Here’s a picture of my Anytime Reading door. Students have leveled text suited for them and they can read anytime there are a few minutes to spare. I’m not quite finished with it, I want to add some clip art. But the books are what’s most important.

The Daily 5 is up and running. My students can read for 20 minutes of Read to Self time…no joke. I credit that to the two great K teachers in my building who also do D5. Mrs. S. and Ms. B. you rock! Read to Someone is going well too. We’ve been able to work up to 10 minutes.


Literacy: We also started our sound and picture sorts. Using just the pictures at first really help my students focus in on the sounds. They have to say the name of the picture out loud then decide where it fits on the sorting mat. Some of my strugglers had a hard time with this, which lets me know they aren’t hearing the sounds. I made some great observations which will help in planning instructional goals for my strugglers.

STI_3349    STJ_3350


I’m using these two books this year. The newer versions come with a CD of interactive white board sorts.


We played our first I Have Who Has Game. My firsties went bonkers! It was great to hear, “Hey, that’s one of our spelling words this week!” Or, “That word has the ack chunk!” I also made some great observations during this game, because some of my students were having problems blending CVC or CCVC words and this will be the focus of my first Word Study Group.

Slide1    Slide3

We also started our Star Student of the Day. It’s so much fun to see their faces light up when they find out it’s their day to be interviewed by the class.

STL_3352   STM_3353

Sorry for the long post…but I just had so much to share! Have wonderful week!


  1. You have been busy! Thanks for sharing your great educational ways to practice number sense! Smiles and stop by anytime!

  2. Looks like you've been busy. I LOVE the stickers for story problems. What a great idea! Your students are lucky to have such a great teacher. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great post, thanks for sharing!

  4. Love the star student of the day. I did it for the first time this year and the kids LOVED it! I plan on keeping the posters and using it for when they are "Hero of the Week." Did you have your students copy one sentence and illustrate as well? I saw a video of this activity being explained and just loved the idea.


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