Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Git Cha Leap On

As my girl Missy would say.
I’m having a sale tomorrow! Your chance to stock up.
Have a great Leap Day on tomorrow!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Yeah Octavia: Oscar Winner and Alabama Native!!!!!!

octavia spencer oscars 2012 red carpet 05

She won!!!!!!!

Greater Than Less Than

This week we talked about greater than less than. I found this free flipchart on TpT from the wonderful Lori over at Little Priorities. Check out her blog and TpT store if you haven’t already. I tweaked the flip chart for my students and created a flipchart I could use for math stations. Well, Lori was so kind and let me use her crocodile symbol in the flipchart I’m posting for you on TpT for free . Here’s a peek at how we used it this week.


On this slide pairs of students came up and pressed the random number generator to create two two-digit numbers. Thanks to Anna over at Crazy for First Grade for hipping me to the random number generator on my Promethean Board.

Each student wrote their number in the box then discussed together which symbol to pull down after they compared the numbers. image




On this set of slides individual students came up, read both numbers and decided which symbol to pull down.




The student then completed an activity sheet. They pulled two numbers from a bag and had to compare them. The first day we compared for greater than. The students wrote their numbers and glued their symbol for greater than. Then they completed the sentence for their numbers.



The next day we compared for less than.




Click here if you’d like the flip chart. You must have Active Inspire software in order to use it.

Click here if you’d like the sheets we used this week.

I hope you all have a wonderful week! I’d love some feedback!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Permission Granted

You better read the fine print girlie! Check out Laura’s post on Pinterest. You learn something new everyday. You have my permission to pin from my blog…so have yourself a good ol time pinning away!
I just finished viewing Mel D’s presentation in the Everything’s Primary Blog Expo….so good…be sure to check her out. I’m viewing the other wonderful ladies tomorrow. Can’t wait!
I’m so sad I missed the Bama Bloggers Meet Up…boo. But my insurance adjuster finally surveyed my property…annnnnnnnnnnnd tons more volunteers showed up today to cut up more trees…yeah!  I love the scent of pine…from all nine of the trees that have been laying across my yard in various forms…but this is getting ridiculous. Kidding.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Number Talk Templates

Happy Sunday!!

I don’t have lots of pictures to share this week. For the past two weeks I feel like I’ve been out of my classroom more than in. My district is adopting a new math textbook and I am one of dozens of lucky teachers who get to serve on the selection committee.  So every week I have to leave school early and attend a meeting. Can I just say selecting a textbook for the entire school system is extremely hard.

And I also have to admit that after the tornadoes  it’s been hard getting my focus back on school. I don’t feel like myself,  my creativity has hit a wall, and I’ve been kinda going through the motions.   I know that’s bad but I’m hoping to do some blog and Pinterest stalking to get the gears cranked up again. But driving through my neighborhood every morning looking at the destruction is difficult.

Okay, that’s enough self pity for one post and  I know you don’t what to hear my sad little story, so on to the real teacher stuff.

I’ve gotten lots of e-mails about my Number Talk/Spiral Review papers.


I don’t sell them on TpT..but I am giving you a sample. I uploaded it in Word but then they looked all crazy…so I saved them as a PDF. I wanted very much to give them to you as a template so you could change what you wanted to suit your needs, but alas the trials of technology.

I uploaded one from the first of the year, the middle of the year and my most current one.

Click here for week 1

Click here for week 9

Click here for week 14

If you have tomorrow off…lucky you!  If you have the week off…I envy you.

If you don’t have any of that..I commiserate with you…and just know we will have a wonderful week.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

I’m Baaaaack

As Jay-Z would say, “Can I get a what, what?”
Happy Sunday to all! I’m so glad to be back among the blogging.
Let’s get right to it. We have been working on two digit addition and I decided this year I wanted my students to really understand what the 2 in 23 means. So before I wrote the all to familiar two digit addition sentence:
We did a lot of this:
I started making these Number Talk papers the second month of school. These papers do not take the place of our official daily Number Talk. You can read about that here.
The format is basically the same each week, and I can add or take out any skill I want to. It’s like my own customized spiral review. They work on this as soon as they are unpacked. Then they work on our daily story problem. Here are few of our February ones.
So on Monday we will start to look at the addition sentence and I whipped up this flip chart. It’s plain and not at all do-dadded up. I’ll explain. Because of copyright issues with clipart and flipcharts I decided to keep it clipart free, because for those of you who use Active Inspire software, you can click on the picture and download your own for free from my TpT store. And after you download you can always add your own clip art to fancy it up.
Note:  If you don’t have the particular font (Wish I Were Taller)  installed on your computer, then you can select the text and change it to a font you do have.

Here is a picture of a slide from our monthly calendar on the Promethean board. We always have a number of the day and my students have to find one more, one less, ten more and ten less. I added two more and two less this month. They are catching on and last week one of our math stations involved this skill.
Click on the picture if you’d like your own copy of the math station. I don’t have a recording sheet, they wrote the answers in their math journals and I did a quick check of the answers.
Last Week:
I don’t have lots of pictures to share, but here are a few of math stations.


                                                 Click pic for this game
IMG_3098  IMG_3099

                                                   Click pic for this game
IMG_3089    IMG_3095
If you download ALL these fabulous freebies how about some feedback or heck even a thank you will do.
I hope you find something you can use. Have a great week!