Sunday, March 17, 2013

You Have Not Because You Ask Not

The Bible says ask and you shall receive. Well, last week when I posted about my Animal Teeth activity I did make it known that I was not an artist and I only created the teeth my shape tools in Power Point would allow me to. You can read abut that here.
A wonderful blogger heard my cry. Her name is Sue Cahalane and her blog is called Science for Kids.
Her blog is amazing BTW. You should check her out and follow. She has so many wonderful ideas for science and I will be adding her to my blog list and my Google reader.
Sue created the rest of the teeth! Just too kind for words. Here’s a sneak peek.
Don’t you just love it! Now if you’d like your expansion pack, click on the picture below. Thanks again Sue! Be sure to hop on by her blog and thank her too!


  1. You're so sweet!! Thanks so much for letting me add to your fun, creative unit!! I love your ideas and I'm so glad I found your blog!

    Science for Kids Blog

  2. Hi Thanks for sharing this awesome post. I was unable to find the teeth patterns but I would really like to have them.


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