Sunday, July 21, 2013

Differentiated Math Morning Work

Happy Sunday!
First off let me give big props to those wonderful teachers who created so many wonderful TpT products…..during the summer time no less!! Yes, I’m talking about the wonderful Katie over at Queen of the First Grade Jungle and the lovely Regan at Tunstall’s Teaching Tidbits! The creative Jennifer over at First Grade Blue Skies! And all those wonderful bloggers who inspire me All. The. Time.

I have done a few constructive things in my classroom and at home to prepare for the new school year, but mostly I’ve been spending it relaxing and doing a ton of reading! If you ever peek over to the left  to check out what I’ve been reading…then you already know. Yes, I can read three books at once. If you follow me on Instagram then you can catch my monthly What I’m Reading picture.

Okay on to the reason for this post. For the last few year I’ve had a wide and I mean wide range of abilities in my classroom. I’ve run the gamut from Astrophysicist type geniuses to very low strugglers, and I’ve had to really think long and hard about how I deliver instruction to all the different type learners in my classroom, but all good teachers do that right?

I feel like I do a pretty good job of differentiating instruction throughout the day. But I never really gave much thought to morning work and how it’s structured. I mean it was something for my students to complete while I took care of all the little tasks in the classroom: taking attendance, making sure little Johnny saw the right person to get his medicine, morning announcements, etc.

But it was when I’d hear my little Astrophysicist geniuses say things like, “This is so easy.” or “Man, I can do this with my eyes closed!” Or they’d complete the page at the same time they were unpacking and talking with a table buddy.

I did a mental palm to the face and realized that I needed to put as much thought into differentiating my morning work as I do with everything else during the day. (Yes, true teacher confessions here)  So I started to tweak my morning work just a little, I’d  have the same activity, but I’d up the challenge for my advanced students. They loved it! I saw  little geniuses,  middle of the road students and strugglers all engaged. I’ve been toying with this idea over the summer and I’ve created my first set of Differentiated Math Morning Work.

There are ten activity sheets in this beginning of the year pack, with three levels for each sheet. Did you get that?

Head on over to my TpT storefront to check it out! Thanks to those of you who participated in my Flash Contest yesterday!

And yes I’m already working on the September Edition!!!


  1. Thanks for the shout out =) I am loving the idea of differentiating my MW...I will be adding your pack to my wish list for sure!!
    First Grade Blue SKies

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