Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fraction Kites and Math Morning Meeting

Happy Tuesday!
For the last two weeks or so we’ve been hard at work on Fractions! My students are really getting into it. I had one student to tell me today that our classroom lights were fractions. We have three rows of lights and two of the rows were out at the end of the day while we had snack time. He replied “Ms. Arnold one-third of the lights are on.” Don’t you just love moments like this!
On Monday we completed Fraction Kites! They turned out great. I got the idea from Pinterest of course via Step Into Second Grade, who got the idea from Mrs. Bainbridge’s Class.
  Source 1            Source 2

If you’d like a copy click here or here to download.

Changing up my Math Morning Meeting has been one of the best things I’ve done all year! If you’d like to read about that you can click here.

I’ve recently added a Math Chat slide. I first read about this idea on Mrs. Jump’s blog.  I really get to see my student’s thinking. Here’s a snapshot from today. The answer was twenty three and here are some of the problems.
This first student started with 600 and worked her way from there.

Here’s where she ended up.
I tell them they can use any combination of addition and subtraction as long as they can explain their strategy.

The next student offered  20+3 =23, and that was perfectly fine too.image
I didn’t take pictures of the rest.
But one student offered: 50-10-10-3-4=23.

I’ve uploaded April’s Math Hunts to my TpT store. This set covers two digit subtraction, counting back by tens, counting back by ones and place value.
April Pics

April Math Hunts: Two Digit Subtraction Edition
Also, everything in my store is 20% off today and tomorrow! Happy Tax Day!!! Thanks to Mrs. Mullins over at The Inspired Apple for the lovely sign!

Tomorrow is Hump Day! Now I’m off to watch my DVR’d episode of The Originals!
Who loves this show!? I miss Rebekah sooooo much! Maybe she’ll show up on The Vampire Diaries again???????


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