Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cute Word Work!

I just discovered Just So Scrappy! LOVE IT! I‘d promised myself I’d take it easy this week…have a real Spring Break. IMPOSSIBLE.

I whipped these babies up right quick, and hope they can be of use to someone. All you need are paperclip spinners. You laminate the board and cut out and laminate the letter cards.

I plan to use these with a few of my strugglers who aren’t consistently automatic in taking apart words and blending them back. I figured having the cards would enable them to touch and say each sound then blend them.

Directions: They’d spin the spinner and place the letter card in the first square. Then spin again and do the same thing until they have three or two letter cards (depending on which mat they have). After they decide if it’s a real word or nonsense word, they would then touch and blend the word together.

I only want them to blend if it’s a real word.

If I make a recording sheet I’ll post it, but I’m anticipating just having them write the word on individual white boards.

If you’d like a copy just click on the picture to download.

I hope I did it right…I haven’t used Google Docs in a while. Smile






  1. It must be exhausting being fabulous!

    Primary Graffiti

  2. I love these! You have inspired me. Tomorrow I am going to do something similar with ar word families since that is what we will be practicing after break! You are so amazing!
    Mrs. Saylor’s Log

  3. Just whipped them up, huh! I am tired just thinking about all of the work that went into these fabulous items, I really want to be you when I grow up.

    Thanks so much!


  4. Cute! Cute! Cute! You are AWE-and-then-some!

  5. Thank you for sharing such a fabulous activity. My students enjoyed the Nonsense Word activity we did for Dr. Seuss' birthday. Your activity will give them more independent practice.

  6. Can you give me a quick tutorial on making paper-clip spinners? I know I used to know, but can not think of it right now. Thanks for sharing the great activities and enjoy your spring break!

  7. Oooh! I just visited their site and I am in love! :) Thanks for sharing the link. I also just created something with a picnic theme to go with our upcomign Storytown story, but these graphics that you used are WAAAAAY cuter, so I see myself possible re-doing my work for next year! :-)

  8. Thanks to all you wonderful ladies for your kind words!
    Mrs. O'Brien I just have them put their paper clip in the middle of the spinner, then they place the tip of their pencil right in the middle of the spinner...it holds the paper clip in place. Then they flick (spin) the paper clip. Hope that helps.

  9. OMG, your wonderful! Thank you so much.

    Ms. M

  10. Thanks for sharing! Check out my free Dolch phrases game. Just paying it forward!!


  11. Love it! I want to buy just about everything at Just So Scrappy! Curious, what program do you use to make these?

  12. Melissa,
    I usually make my games in PowerPoint or word then save as a PDF.
    Ms. A

  13. I love these! And we are working on this same skill in some of my reading groups.

  14. Thanks!!! Great idea! And thanks for giving it to us for free!


  15. Great teaching tool! I want to make things like that on the computer. What program do you use?


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