Monday, May 30, 2011

Word Wall Link Party

I’m joining the link party from M. M’s blog.


I have an entire wall of closets and my word wall fits perfectly across six doors. Every two years I’ll change the background color when I change my color scheme.


I didn’t have any close up pic of my word wall from this year…but these pictures are about two years old. The only thing that’s changed is my choice of background paper (blue).

I’ve hung all my pocket charts on the lower half of the doors…these are great for word work time.


These two books have helped me a great deal. They help me keep my word wall activities from getting stagnant.

Making Word Walls Work: A Complete, Systematic Guide With Routines, Grade-Perfect Word Lists, and Reproducible Word Cards to Help All Children Master High-Frequency Words


Making Your Word Wall More Interactive: Grades 1-3

Memorial Day Bash

Hi to all!

Today all of my products on TpT will be 20% off. Just in time for a little Memorial Day Shopping.

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Enjoy your holiday !

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Remember that Staple’s commercial for back to school time? The dad was gliding around on the cart dropping school supplies in the basket…I laughed every time I saw it.
Well, my theme song for Friday was Sia’s “Clap Your Hands”. I cranked up my IPod on the way to work for the final day for students. Go ahead click on the video…I dare you.

This week:
Here are a few pictures from our final week.
These students are completing Movie Night Addition and Subtraction.

IMG_2671  IMG_2680
Ladybug two digit addition story problems on the Promethean Board.

IMG_2674  IMG_2678
IMG_2675 IMG_2676
Students completing Pool Party Fun.
IMG_2668  IMG_2669
I made Buggy Friends Count by Tens just as a review. The students liked that the numbers went past 100.
Click on the picture to download the file for free.

Bitter Sweet
Although I love Summer Vacation, I’m going to miss my Fabulous First Graders. This was a year of challenges, hard work and great rewards. My students have come a long way this year, and I am so proud of their efforts. Thanks to all my parents.
Have a great summer!
Blog Book Study
Don’t forget about the Blog Book Study. It’s going to be fun!
Click on the book cover for more info.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Book Study

This summer I’ll be participating in a blog hosting book study of Debbie Diller’s gem Math Work Stations. Can’t wait to share ideas and gets tons of ideas and resources. And you know how I love to give away free stuff!

It’s going to be C, to the O, to the O, to the L.

Make sure you get the book and follow the wonderful blogs listed below. In the words of Stevie Nicks “I can’t wait, I can’t wait.”







Warm Fuzzy Feelings

I got an e-mail from a lovely teacher. She sent me a few pictures of her students completed Antsy Antonym activity (say that five times fast!). She was nice enough to let me post the pictures.

Ms. Ayers YOU ROCK

District_10-20110518-00096 (1)     District_6-20110518-00095 (1)

It feels great to share something that’s useful, timely, creative and user friendly for teachers.


Math Stations This Week


Playing Busy Bee Addition from Made for First Grade.


Odd and Even Ladybugs on the Promethean Board


Playing Space Roll, also from Made for First Grade

IMG_2654  IMG_2655

Sample of two students completed work from Collecting Addition Facts.


This and That

Our local university provides Labs for Kids. College students come and present lessons on subjects like bones of the body, the digestive system, among many other topics. The students really enjoy it and they learn a lot.

IMG_2585     image

IMG_2588     IMG_2584

A Math Station for This Week

Here is quick review math station for next week. The students have match the digital, analog and written time. It’s only time to the hour…hope you can use it.

Click on the picture to download.


Five more days till Schools Out for Summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Corrected Symmetrical Synonyms

There was a typo on the sheets I uploaded yesterday(sorry). Here is the corrected download.

Here is the download for my synonym activity next week. It’s similar to Antsy Antonyms in that I’ll give each student a piece of bulletin board paper, they will write two synonyms of their choosing on the butterfly and write two sentences or one story on the writing paper.

If you plan on using it  next week I’ll post pictures of my sample this weekend!


Click on the butterfly to download.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fishy Combinations

Here’s a quick and fun math review for addition and subtraction . My students each chose a number and they had to create six addition or subtraction sentences (or a combination of both) that equaled the number they chose.


 IMG_2650 IMG_2651IMG_2652IMG_2653


Click on the fish tank to download


Antsy Antonyms

Here are a few pictures of our completed Antonym Activity and our Antonym Books.

We had so much fun today and yesterday, but tomorrow is the dreaded Reading Street End of Year Benchmark Test “Da…da…da” (imagine horror music playing in the background).

IMG_2641   IMG_2642

IMG_2646   IMG_2647

Antonym Books

IMG_2633  IMG_2634

IMG_2636 IMG_2637

IMG_2635  IMG_2638

Tomorrow is Hump Day people!  Eight more days till… School’s Out for Summer!!!!!!