Sunday, August 28, 2011

I Promise I’m Doing Literacy Too

Hi to all! I hope you’ve had a restful and relaxing weekend, and you’re ready for a brand new week. This week and next will be a short one for me. The students are out Friday (teachers have a work day) and we’re all out for Labor Day.
I know my last few posts have been about math, ya’ll I promise we are doing literacy and science and social studies…but with the book study this summer I’ve just been pumped about math…even more so than before.

Math Stations this week:
This was a whole group game called Facts of Five. The students paired up and played…they had to find two cards that equaled five. Click here for this game.
IMG_2890    IMG_2892

Shake Those Beans for Five: Students tossed five two color counters and created an addition sentence to match their counters and write it in on their graph. They always had to start with red first. Click here for this activity.
Spill and Record for Five

Five Cookies: In this station the students came up with different combination of five cookies in and out of the jar. We first completed this activity whole group then it was placed in a station.
We also completed On and Off for Five…but I didn’t take a picture of this station.
Fish Tank for Six: This was a whole group activity. The students paired up and had to find all the different combinations of six fish in and out of the fish tank. Next week the Activity Kit will be placed in a station.
The blue felt was the fish tank “water”.
IMG_2899      IMG_2900
IMG_2902     IMG_2903
A few quick math activities:
Here are a few quick games I made for my students this week.
Total of Five.image This could be played alone or with a partner. The students circle as many combinations of two numbers that equal five that they can find. This is great for those fast finishers or students who need more practice. I’m making them for numbers up to 18. Click on the picture for your copy.

Give Me Five
In this game partners share one two sided counter. They each decide which color they will be (red or yellow). Partners take turns tossing the counter. If their color comes up they get to color in two numbers that equal five. After they finish they write addition sentences for the combinations they found.
This week we’re doing Give Me Six. Click on the pictures for your copy.

Fun Friday Bingo:
This week we had several rounds of Fun Friday Bingo. The students enjoyed rotating from station to station….and it also gave them the opportunity to practice those CVC words we’ve been working on.
IMG_2906        IMG_2904
IMG_2907      IMG_2908
I thought I took more pictures this week…but I’ll try to keep my camera out to remind myself . Next week I’m devoting an entire post to Number Talks. So I have to remember to take tons of pictures.
If you download I’d love to hear from you. What are you doing in math this week????

Friday, August 26, 2011

Winner of A-Manda Creation Clip Art Certificate


Hi to all! Hope everyone had a great week! I’m late getting the winner posted…but here she is. Congratulations to JessicaOpenID. You’ve won Amanda’s gift certificate. You have until Monday to e-mail me.

 Jessica said...

I checked out the A-Manda Creation site and it is AWESOME!!! I especially like the Unfrogettable kit. I also "liked" her Facebook page. I hope that is what I needed to do for the contest. Thanks!!!


I’ll be back before the weekend is over to post about our week! Happy Friday!!


Monday, August 22, 2011

Clip Art Gift Certificate Give Away!

Hi to all! I hope those of you that started today had a fantastic first day back with your students!

I’ve teamed up with Amanda from A-manda Creation to host a giveaway. She has some cute clip art…I’m partial to the Funky Farm collection. So, here’s the deal…Amanda is giving away a $10.00 gift certificate to one lucky winner. Click the picture to check her out.



All you have to do is visit her site and leave a comment about which of her clip art collections you’d love to get your hands on and become a fan on her Facebook page…it’s that simple. If you click on the picture you’ll go right to her FB page.


The contest goes from today until Thursday evening at 6pm Central Standard Time. I’ll announce the winner first thing Friday morning.

And get this….even if you don’t win the certificate you’ll be able to save in her store the entire month of September…with a special code I’ll give later. Each week I’ll post a creation I ‘ve made using her Funky Farm collection…so that’s two great deals in one. You get an activity for your classroom once a week plus a chance to save in Amanda’s store…don’t cha just love it.

Just to get you pumped click, on the picture to get your first activity. If you par-take please leave a comment, or follow my blog, or Like Oceans of First Grade Fun, or follow my TpT store…I really heart feedback.

For those of you who always leave such lovely comments, it means so much and you are ALL so kind. You make me want to create more and more and more…just so I can share it with you!


Good luck and have great day tomorrow!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

More Math Fun and Other Stuff

This was our first full week, and it was filled with lots of assessments.

I usually complete the Reading Street Baseline Test. But I also do a couple of the Clay Assessments: the Writing Vocabulary and Hearing An Observation Survey of Early Literacy Achievement 2nd (second) edition Text OnlySounds in Words. This year I also completed the Words Their Way Spelling Inventory.Words Their Way: Word Study for Phonics, Vocabulary, and Spelling Instruction (5th Edition) (Words Their Way Series)


I’ve been pouring over the results this weekend….so I stuck all three Twilight Movies into my DVD player and had myself a little vampire marathon as I perused the results.

Next week is when I conduct individual reading assessments using the Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System. I went a year without buying not one professional book, or magazine, or fancy coffee drink, or cookbook, or new clothes Smile to save for this baby. I love it!




Okay, now on to math

I love love love my district’s new Math Pacing Guide. It’s all Common Core and Addition and Subtraction to 20 is the first goal each nine weeks….which means I can take my time to really make sure my students gain number sense knowledge. I’m feeling so great about it…and they’ve also instituted Number Talks…which I love. If you haven’t read the book you really should.

Number Talks: Helping Children Build Mental Math and Computation Strategies, Grades K-5

Here is a little of what we accomplished this week.

How Many Am I Hiding

This is a quick assessment I did whole group. I hid five counters behind my back, then showed the students a few of them. They had to tell me how many I ‘d hidden. It was a quick way to see who really knew five. Then they paired up and did the activity with each other. The ones who didn’t quite master it….worked with me on separating and joining groups of five counters.




Spill and Record for Five

We also completed this activity with five counters. The students shook their five counters and dropped them gently onto the blue felt (got those at Michaels). They recorded how many red and yellow sides were showing, and completed a recording sheet. I asked those that were able to write the addition sentence that matched their chips.

IMG_2864  IMG_2865






Click here to get this activity.


Fives Number Sense Books

We completed our Fives Number Sense books. The students paired up to find all the different combinations of five using two colored counters.



Click here to get your copy of this book.

Graphing M&M’s

Each year we always graph M&M’s as a beginning of the year graphing activity. My students love it!

IMG_2888  IMG_2887


Word Work

This week we worked on Short a. The students came up with a list of at chunk words. Here is a picture of our completed chart. I’m putting my Cricut to good use.

IMG_2863    IMG_2862

Have a great week!!!! If you’re starting back on Monday, my prayer is that you have a wonderful new school year!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The First Three Days

Well I’m back in the swing of things. The first three days were pretty good. I have 16 lovely first graders, and I think we’re going to have a great year. This week we worked on routines and expectations. My students loved the Marshmallow Toes! Thanks to Kelli at Castles and Crayons! 

Here are some more pictures of my classroom.

IMG_2811      IMG_2814

IMG_2812           IMG_2815

IMG_2818      IMG_2820

IMG_2819    IMG_2821

Ignore the sorting bins for supplies.





My Important Times wall and clock! Thanks to Mrs. Lemons at Step into Second Grade and Lauren at Just Add Clipart.

This year I’ve decided to give each table group a drawer set to keep most of their supplies.

IMG_2804    IMG_2806 

Here are what the labels will look like when I tape them onto the front of each drawer. Anything I label always has a complete sentence…reading is everywhere!!!!



I think it will help with the Junky Desk Syndrome. Which reminds me…I need to get my Desk Fairy materials ready.



I made this color chart to go along with my theme.


I also made some color word poems. I got the poems from KinderKorner’s Website a loooong time ago. If you’d like a copy click on any picture below.

image          image

This week we worked on Making Five. I read this story:

The students got their own cookie jar page along with five cookies. They decided how many cookies they wanted in their jar and how many cookies they wanted out of the jar.



IMG_2841              IMG_2839


Click here if you’d like a copy of the activity sheet.

Have a great Sunday afternoon! I’ll be back with more fun stuff next weekend.