Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pizza, Pizza Fractions, Pop Rocking Fun and the Tale of the Crashing 2TB Hard Drive

Hi Folks!!
I know I know the title hooked ya right? I’m one for seeing the glass half full, most of the time. So I’ll share some of the fun we’ve had this week now that the dreaded SACS visit is over. “Pants on the ground, pants on the ground. Looking like a fool wit cha pants on the ground.” That song has been tumbling through my head all week, and I don’t know why.

Pizza Pizza Fractions

I pinned all these wonderful ideas for fractions and came up with this for my class this week.  I remembered the pizza clip art I’d purchased a few months ago, so I created about five different kinds of  pizzas and created a recording sheet. They really enjoyed it. They had to find the fractional part of each of their pizza toppings.

Fraction- Pillars

We also completed these wonderful Fraction Pillars from the wonderful Cara Carroll’s Fraction Action Kit

Pop Rocking Fun

As a reward for making it through the most stressful week of my life, I treated my students to Abby’s Fun Pop Rocking Descriptive Writing activity. This was the most fun we’ve had in a few weeks (due to the fact that their teacher was on the Leadership Team for the SACS review and was kinda pre-occupied with all things accreditation ).
I think the hair just takes the cake. They did such a great job!

The Tale of the Crashing 2TB External Hard Drive

In other sad news…last Friday night my beloved 2TB (Terra Byte) External Hard Drive Bertha…that’s what I call her…decided to visit that place where all hard drives go to be with their hard drive savior.

I thought the Geeks at Best Buy could revive her and retrieve that lost files I’d spent the better part of five years building. But alas, Bertha had other ideas. Needless to say I was physically ill after I picked ole Bertha up from that squad of Geeks who could not give me solace. Tears stung my eyes as I carried her gently to my car and placed her, in all her bubble wrapped glory, on my back seat. Memories of our years together flashed through my mind as I beat the steering wheel repeatedly and blasted “Party Up” by DMX. I thought we’d grow old together.

Just recently I’d backed up all of the clip art I’d purchased, all the TpT things I bought from all the fabulous teachers I follow, all of my Scholastic E-Books and pictures. But there are things I didn’t back up and I have no idea of what else I’ve lost…hopefully not much.

I have a new 2TB External Hard Drive…I’m naming him Lex Luthar and I was told he was considered the Porsche of external hard drives., and I’m constantly backing up files in several locations. Lesson learned.

Bertha now lies in repose on my dining room table because I just don’t have the heart to throw her out. Maybe I’ll purchase a little plot for her somewhere in the back of my local Best Buy store. I’ll get her a headstone made of re-fashioned computer parts.

If you care to leave condolences for Bertha I know that would make her untimely death go down much easier. Tis a bitter pill to swallow.
I hope I’ve  made you smile or laugh out loud even.

RIP Bertha.


  1. I am so sorry for your loss! =) Hope Lex proves indestructible!!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. I was sitting here reading your story and started getting a tad emotional myself. I have a 1TB external (not quite comparable to Bertha!) and started thinking what I would do if she suffered the same fate! My external hard drive and I send our condolences! We pray that Lex will be faithful!!


  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your misadventure. You put so much time, creativity & love into your work. I hope you have most of it. Elizabeth

  4. Soooo sad! I can only imagine how bummed you must be. Technology can be our best friend or our worst enemy, can't it??
    Xox. Kerri b

  5. I've had a similar moment of despair when I lost my son's pictures from his first year of life on an external drive. I know the knot that forms in your stomach when you realize "it's over, Johnny" and have spent a good deal of time coming to terms with the loss. Indeed it is a tough pill to swallow, but a good source of motivation to now have multiple backups in place. Best wishes with your new friend, Lex. :)

  6. Oh gosh, that's just awful! I love technology, but when it dies, it's just crushing! :( Lisa


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