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Throwback Thursday: Money, Money, Money, Money….Money

Hey long time no blog!!!! I have been soaking up every minute and enjoying my summer break!!!

I heart Cara Carroll!!! Her blog was one of the first ones I found and I’ve been blog stalking her every since!!!! She always has such wonderfully creative ideas!!!  So I’m joining in on her wonderful Throwback Thursday linky party!

Since I started my own blog I had so much fun and I’ve learned so much from so many wonderful people!!!!
Shout out to First Grade Blue Skies, Primary Graffiti, Mrs. Wills, Mrs. Tunstall, Sarah over at First Grader at Last, Leslie at Life in First Grade…now Fifth Grade, Mrs. Lee’s Kindergarten, Heidi at Swamp Frog First Graders, Teaching in High Heels, Queen of the First Grade Jungle…..and so many more! You ladies ROCK!!!!!! (I know DJ Arnold on the Ones and Two’s…right)

  This post is  always in my most popular post section…so I thought I’d repost it for you today!!!

Money Money Money….Money!!!!!!
Here are a few money games  I made over the break. I’m hoping these will help my students become proficient  in terms of counting a collection of coins and identifying them.
Bank on It
In the game below, the students roll a regular dot die. They cover up the coin on their mat which corresponds to the number they rolled. The first person to fill their bank wins. Your more advanced students could count all the money in their bank at the end of the game. You could use counters or plastic coins to cover the coins on the banking mat.
Click here to download Bank on It
Count Your Money Honey
In this game the teacher can decide which coin you would like students to work with (pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, or a combination). You will have to assemble the dice and they are provided in the download. I forgot to take a picture of them. You will also need to make the regular number die (included also)
First the student rolls the number die, then they roll the coin die and take that many coins. (Ex. if they roll a five and a nickel, they have to take five nickels.)
The coins are placed on the counting tray. Make enough counting trays for the number of students playing.  After the student counts their money, they fill in the amount for their first roll (I’m laminating the counting trays and the students will use a dry erase marker). They keep rolling and counting for nine more times. This games could be played with a small group of three to four students or alone. There is no winner or looser, just the satisfaction of counting money.
Click here to download Count Your Money Honey

Nickel Piggy Bank
This game is played with a regular dot or number die. The student rolls and takes that many pennies( they must start with pennies first, even if they roll a six). Each time they collect five pennies they can trade them for a nickel. Students keep rolling and trading until they fill up the Nickel Gameboard. The winner is the person who fills up their board first. At the end they can count all of their nickels. I will use plastic pennies and nickels.
Click here to download Nickel Piggy Bank
I have also created Dime and Quarter Piggy Bank. I will up load those later in the week. If you use these, I would love to hear feedback.
For all of these games you can use  counters, beans or plastic coins.

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