Sunday, October 30, 2011

Candy Corn Math

Tomorrow is going to be….how can I put this, not quite the day for serious academics. So I’ve decided to have a day of controlled chaos. Here’s a mini activity kit using candy corn. The ten frames will be passed out, one to each student and they will have to find their match to make ten. Then the partners will complete the Candy Corn Making Ten activity.
For Candy Corn in a Jar the students will get ten candy corns, place some in the jar and out of the jar, then write a story problems about their candy corn configuration.
The part, part, whole mats will be used to make and write addition sentences using candy corn. For Candy Corn Bingo students will fill in their bingo boards with numbers from 0-12. Then I’ll call out addition problems and they can cover the answer.
Click on the picture to grab your copy. If you about some feedback???


Friday, October 28, 2011

One More Pumpkin Activity

Thanks to everyone who left birthday wishes for me. It made a great day even better.

I have one more pumpkin activity. This will sort of recap our visit to the pumpkin patch and I thought maybe you could use it too. We are going to complete a Let's Grow a Pumpkin shape book. I used orange construction paper to cut out pumpkin shapes for the front and back covers, and plain old copy paper for the inside pages. The students will glue a sentence to each page (in order) then we'll work together to complete simple pictures.

You can download your copy below. Have a great weekend!

Pumpkin Life Cycle Booklet

Thursday, October 27, 2011

It’s My Birthday

Go shorty… it’s my birthday…we gon party like it’s my birthday..we gon sip Barcar…oh… sorry…got a little carried away. But you won’t find me in da club with a bottle full of bub..da da…..da..da….da..da.



Yep, today is my birthday! But I’m letting you in on the celebration…today and tomorrow everything in my TpT store is twenty (20%) off.

Would love to have some birthday wishes from my fantastic blogging friends!!! I’m not ashamed of my age…I am 4 tens and 4 ones. Fourty-four years of blessings…and I count my blogging friends among those many wonderful things that have come my way.

Everyone have a great day! I’ll be spending mine at the Pumpkin Patch!

Fieldtrip yea!!!! Insert sarcasm here.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Catching Up..A Long Post


It’s been a busy week and past weekend! I can’t believe October is almost over! I didn’t get to all the things I wanted to…so owls, bats and spiders will be pushed to November. But here are a few things we’ve done this week and the previous week.

Pumpkin Life Cycle Writing

IMG_3067  IMG_3065

We created torn paper pumpkins and then wrote about how a pumpkin seed grows into a pumpkin. The students had a ball tearing paper for their pumpkins.


Click on the picture below if you’d like the writing paper we used.


The following ideas come right from Mrs. Carroll at The First Grade Parade. Thanks for the inspiration!

Today we described the outside of our pumpkin and completed descriptive sentences. Tomorrow we will cut open our class pumpkin and describe the inside.



Click here for your copy.



Yesterday we read I Where’s  My Mummy and completed our mummy activity! Mrs. Carroll again!


DSCN0028    DSCN0029

Last week during Work on Writing the students completed a Pumpkin Fact paper.



Click on the picture for your copy.



Math Stations this week:

Completing Hallo-weeny Number Order



These students are completing Start With Get To. This really helps with counting from any number.




These students are completing Hallo-Weeny Number Order on the Promethean board.


Spider Spider on the Promethean board.


Shake Those Beans for Ten


Completing our  Hop Along Halloween Frog skip counting (by 5s) activity.


Cows in the Barn for Eight.


Two weeks ago our Reading Street story was Get the Egg and last week was The Animal Park. Here are the writing sheets my students had to complete during work on writing.

STL_3044  STM_3045




Told you it was a long post. I hope you can find things you can use…I have tons more freebies so I’ll return on Thursday. Have a great day tomorrow!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Short U Anchor Chart

As promised, here are my short u and final blends Anchor Charts and my short u chunk cards. If you download please leave feedback. I see tons of page views and downloads so I know you’re out there. Leave a sistah some love. Smile Have a wonderful Sunday and a great week ahead!

Short u Anchor Chart

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Math Station Flip Charts Inspiration

Here are few flip charts I made for this week, but because of copyright issues(with the clip art), I can’t share these for a free download or for purchase in my TpT store. But if you have a Smartboard or Promethean board….maybe these will spark your creativity!!
In my classroom during math stations, the Promethean Board is a math station. Any concept or skill I produce using a paper game or activity, I can create something similar on my board. Although there are tons of things on Promethean Planet I like having the ability to create my own activities.

Spider Spider will be one activity for stations this week. I’ll insert the dice tool, then students roll the dice(2) add the numbers then cover that number with a spider. I’ve programmed the spiders using the “Drag a Copy” tool. Students will play for four rounds.
Halloweeny Number Order
I created a printable activity and uploaded it to my TpT store. But I also created a flip chart  that will cover the same skill. But because of copy rights I can’t sell the flip chart.

I even created a recording sheet to accompany this activity.

Last week we started Fall story problems. Each day the students completed a problem when they first arrive in the classroom. There are two levels of story problems. I have a few students in my class who are very advanced, and I give them the option of completing the second story problem each day. That’s why there are two problems per page.
image      image
These are only a few ideas…but I’m working on tons more. Maybe something you’ve seen today will give you a creative spark!!
Enjoy your weekend! I’ll return on Sunday with my short u anchor chart.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Hey People!!

I just received and e-mail naming Oceans of First Grade Fun to Teacher Certification Degrees Top 50 Elementary Teacher Blogs list! I am honored and want to thank all of my followers and those who recommended my blog. I get so much joy from sharing things with other teachers! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

top elementary teacher blogs

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Short e Anchor Chart

Here are the anchor charts and sounds cards for short e. I also included a chart for initial blends.

Short e Anchor Chart


Nouns at School

This week we talked about nouns. I found it easier to introduce the concept first by talking about nouns at school. After we talked and listed nouns, I created charts to hang around the room.




Click here for the headers, pictures and nouns to create your own chart.


Happy Sunday!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Counting Ladybugs: Facts of Nine

This week we completed ladybug activities during math time. We were working on combinations for nine. I’ve just uploaded it to TpT. Click on the link below for a freebie. We made the leaves out of construction paper.

Short O Anchor Chart

Here’s the short o anchor chart and sound cards. Short u and e next week!

If you download leave some love…feedback is invaluable!

Short o Anchor Chart

Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Ode to The Inspired Apple and More Stuff

It’s such a lovely Saturday afternoon here in the Ham (Birmingham). I love this time of year!
This week I stumbled upon Mrs. Mullins (The Inspired Apple) post on Apple activities and I LOVED them…especially the apple sorting activity. We were also working on short o this week and her brilliant idea turned out to be a wonderful Friday activity for us. Thanks Mrs. Mullins for sharing all your wonderful ideas! So here are a few pics of our week.
IMG_3002   IMG_3003


We also graphed our favorite color apples.

And we completed an Apple Sentence activity. The students cut and created apples and put sentences together about their favorite color apple and how apples taste or how they like to eat their apples.
IMG_3001      IMG_2998

IMG_2999       IMG_3000

Math Stations:
Here’s a look at this weeks stations. Most of my activities came from Made for First Grade. I love the activities they create!
These ladies are completing Buggy Friends Count by Ten in the pocket chart.
Playing First Grade Yahtzee. Inspired by Shari Sloane
Playing Four in a Row on the Promethean Board
Find the Missing Part…a quick activity for missing addends.
Gummie Bear Bingo
Sorting Leaves math activity. From Made for First Grade.
Another Bingo game.

Apple Graphing from Made for First Grade.

Spin and Graph Leaf activity.
Lovely Ladybugs
A few people have e-mailed me about my anchor charts…yes I will do them for all the vowels. I’ll post short o on tomorrow. I just want to say thanks for all the wonderful teachers in blogland who inspire me each day! You make me a better teacher!!!